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Wilde is more than just a store; it's a tribute to enduring style, inspired by Oscar Wilde. We strive to curate a distinctive and eclectic mix of genuine vintage items for both men and women. Our passion extends beyond merely collecting vintage and antique pieces; we take pride in the art of blending and styling these items in a contemporary and accessible fashion.

Our website showcases a diverse array of vintage selections. Our ever-evolving inventory includes textiles from various parts of the world, an impressive collection of jewelry, and a robust selection of designer handbags, accessories and home goods. At Wilde, we offer a dynamic and stylish approach to vintage, making each piece both unique and wearable for today’s fashion-conscious consumer.

Wilde is a tribute to the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. When we are in Paris we will visit him at the Oscar Wilde memorial at Père Lachaise Cemetary. Known for his flamboyant Style, he famously said:"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Photo taken at Oscar Wilde memorial at Père Lachaise Cemetary in Paris.
Founder: Edda Hansen