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Dresses & Skirts: Discover Your Signature Style with Modern Flair

Dresses & Skirts

Explore our diverse and captivating assortment of vintage dresses, meticulously curated to suit every occasion. From sophisticated evening wear to casual daytime attire, our collection features a variety of styles and sizes to match your personal preferences.

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Sold outPink velvet strappy back dress - WILDEPink velvet strappy back dress - WILDE
Stripe floral linen dress - WILDEStripe floral linen dress - WILDE
Stripe floral linen dress Sale price€81,95
Yellow polka dot dress - WILDEYellow polka dot dress - WILDE
Yellow polka dot dress Sale price€81,95
Teal lace dress - WILDETeal lace dress - WILDE
Teal lace dress Sale price€81,95
Brown knit minimalist dress - WILDEBrown knit minimalist dress - WILDE
Brown knit minimalist dress Sale price€88,95
Knit halter dress - WILDEKnit halter dress - WILDE
Knit halter dress Sale price€95,95
Red floral velvet dress - WILDERed floral velvet dress - WILDE
Red floral velvet dress Sale price€95,95
Save €68,00By Malene Birger sequin floral skirt - WILDEBy Malene Birger sequin floral skirt - WILDE
Sequin floral skirt Sale price€95,95 Regular price€163,95
Pink button dress - WILDEPink button dress - WILDE
Pink button dress Sale price€102,95
Yellow waffle knit dress - WILDEYellow waffle knit dress - WILDE
Yellow waffle knit dress Sale price€102,95
Green floral print dress - WILDEGreen floral print dress - WILDE
Green floral print dress Sale price€109,95
Save €47,00Crochet dress - WILDECrochet dress - WILDE
Green crochet 60s dress Sale price€116,95 Regular price€163,95
Blue empire dress - WILDEBlue empire dress - WILDE
Blue empire dress Sale price€116,95
Cream silk dress - WILDECream silk dress - WILDE
Cream silk dress Sale price€122,95
By Malene Birger long sequin dress - WILDEBy Malene Birger long sequin dress - WILDE
Floral puff sleeve dress - WILDEFloral puff sleeve dress - WILDE
Floral puff sleeve dress Sale price€122,95
Ruffle mini diamante dress - WILDERuffle mini diamante dress - WILDE
Ruffle mini diamante dress Sale price€122,95
Crushed velvet robe dress - WILDECrushed velvet robe dress - WILDE
Crushed velvet robe dress Sale price€122,95
White lace bow dress - WILDEWhite lace bow dress - WILDE
White lace bow dress Sale price€122,95
Black crochet knit pleat dress - WILDEBlack crochet knit pleat dress - WILDE
Black crochet knit pleat dress Sale price€122,95
Floral brown dress - WILDEFloral brown dress - WILDE
Floral brown dress Sale price€129,95
Ruffle collar dress - WILDERuffle collar dress - WILDE
Ruffle collar dress Sale price€129,95
Mushroom print dress - WILDEMushroom print dress - WILDE
Mushroom print dress Sale price€143,95
Bell sleeve stripe dress - WILDEBell sleeve stripe dress - WILDE
Bell sleeve stripe dress Sale price€150,95
Spot print dress - WILDESpot print dress - WILDE
Spot print dress Sale price€150,95
Black ruffle silk dress - WILDEBlack ruffle silk dress - WILDE
Black ruffle silk dress Sale price€150,95
Black peasant long dress - WILDEBlack peasant long dress - WILDE
Black peasant long dress Sale price€150,95
By Malene Birger puff sleeve dress - WILDEBy Malene Birger puff sleeve dress - WILDE
Pink floral full skirt - WILDEPink floral full skirt - WILDE
Pink floral full skirt Sale price€157,95
White embroidered floral dress - WILDEWhite embroidered floral dress - WILDE
White embroidered floral dress Sale price€164,95
Peach sequin bead dress - WILDEPeach sequin bead dress - WILDE
Peach sequin bead dress Sale price€164,95
Lace black dress - WILDELace black dress - WILDE
Lace black dress Sale price€164,95
Safari shirt dress - WILDESafari shirt dress - WILDE
Safari shirt dress Sale price€164,95
Purple silk print dress - WILDEPurple silk print dress - WILDE
Purple silk print dress Sale price€164,95
Floral beaded long dress - WILDEFloral beaded long dress - WILDE
Floral beaded long dress Sale price€164,95
Black puff sleeve long dress - WILDEBlack puff sleeve long dress - WILDE
Black puff sleeve long dress Sale price€164,95
Beaded halter neck dress - WILDEBeaded halter neck dress - WILDE
Beaded halter neck dress Sale price€177,95
Sold outLong sheer aqua dress - WILDELong sheer aqua dress - WILDE
Long sheer aqua dress Sale price€177,95
Bow 50s dress - WILDEBow 50s dress - WILDE
Bow 50s sequin dress Sale price€184,95
Pink premium leather skirt - WILDEPink premium leather skirt - WILDE
Pink premium leather skirt Sale price€184,95
Dolce Gabbana toffee corduroy dress - WILDEDolce Gabbana toffee corduroy dress - WILDE
Nina Ricci embroidered silk dress - WILDENina Ricci embroidered silk dress - WILDE
Embroidered pearls and lace dress - WILDEEmbroidered pearls and lace dress - WILDE
Sequin bodice dress - WILDESequin bodice dress - WILDE
Sequin bodice dress Sale price€205,95
Floral art deco dress - WILDEFloral art deco dress - WILDE
Floral art deco dress Sale price€211,95
Yellow lace pleat dress - WILDEYellow lace pleat dress - WILDE
Yellow lace pleat dress Sale price€211,95
Moschino pink wool mini dress - WILDEMoschino pink wool mini dress - WILDE
Moschino pink wool mini dress Sale price€211,95
Christian Lacroix Y2K art dress - WILDEChristian Lacroix Y2K art dress - WILDE