Thank You All: You Make Our Vintage Store Special

Hi everyone,

What a journey it's been! From our opening day to our big reopening bash, every moment has been incredible, and it's all thanks to you. Walking into our store, seeing your excited faces, and sharing stories about unique finds—that's what makes this place special.

Our store is more than just a spot to shop; it's where we all come together for our love for vintage. It's been amazing to see everyone, from our long-time supporters to new friends, join in on this adventure.

A massive shoutout to our friends and everyone who's supported us—your encouragement and love have been the backbone of our dream. Whether it's through a word of mouth, an Instagram post, or just dropping by to say hi, you've helped us grow into a community we're proud of.

Here's to more laughs, stories, and stylish vintage finds. With you all by our side, the future looks bright and exciting.

Thank you, truly, for everything. Let's keep this vintage love story going.

With gratitude,

Edda & Jonas


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