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Browse through our exquisite selection of designer vintage accessories, carefully curated to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

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Satin bead purse - WILDESatin bead purse - WILDE
Satin bead purse Sale price399,00 kr
Floral bead handbag - WILDEFloral bead handbag - WILDE
Floral bead handbag Sale price549,00 kr
By Malene Birger snakeskin embossed clutch - WILDEBy Malene Birger snakeskin embossed clutch - WILDE
Gold striped clutch - WILDEGold striped clutch - WILDE
Gold striped clutch Sale price599,00 kr
Classic Y2K black sunglasses - WILDEClassic Y2K black sunglasses - WILDE
Classic black sunglasses Sale price799,00 kr
Sold outPrada Y2K black sunglasses - WILDEPrada Y2K black sunglasses - WILDE
Prada black sunglasses Sale price1.179,00 kr
Sold outPrada Y2K minimalist sunglasses - WILDEPrada Y2K minimalist sunglasses - WILDE
Prada minimalist sunglasses Sale price1.199,00 kr
Back bow silk clutch - WILDEBack bow silk clutch - WILDE
Back bow silk clutch Sale price1.449,00 kr
Sold outChanel black Camellia sunglasses - WILDEChanel black Camellia sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel black Camellia sunglasses Sale price1.479,00 kr
Miu Miu leather wallet - WILDEMiu Miu leather wallet - WILDE
Miu Miu leather wallet Sale price1.549,00 kr
Prada black sunglasses - WILDEPrada black sunglasses - WILDE
Prada black sunglasses Sale price1.649,00 kr
Sold outLouis Vuitton Zippy leather wallet - WILDELouis Vuitton Zippy leather wallet - WILDE
Just Cavalli statement sunglasses - WILDEJust Cavalli statement sunglasses - WILDE
Just Cavalli statement sunglasses Sale price1.679,00 kr
Gucci goggle wrap sunglasses - WILDEGucci goggle wrap sunglasses - WILDE
Gucci goggle wrap sunglasses Sale price1.699,00 kr
Christian Dior sunglasses - WILDEChristian Dior sunglasses - WILDE
Christian Dior sunglasses Sale price1.749,00 kr
Gucci sunglasses - WILDEGucci sunglasses - WILDE
Gucci sunglasses Sale price1.779,00 kr
Miu Miu black leather belt - WILDEMiu Miu black leather belt - WILDE
Miu Miu black leather belt Sale price1.849,00 kr
Gucci pink lens sunglasses - WILDEGucci pink lens sunglasses - WILDE
Gucci pink lens sunglasses Sale price1.999,00 kr
Save 400,00 krHermes silk print bow tie - WILDEHermes silk print bow tie - WILDE
Hermes silk print bow tie Sale price2.100,00 kr Regular price2.500,00 kr
Moschino silk large scarf - WILDEMoschino silk large scarf - WILDE
Moschino silk large scarf Sale price2.149,00 kr
Save 400,00 krPrada black leather wallet - WILDEPrada black leather wallet - WILDE
Prada black leather wallet Sale price2.199,00 kr Regular price2.599,00 kr
Gucci purple lens sunglasses - WILDEGucci purple lens sunglasses - WILDE
Gucci purple lens sunglasses Sale price2.199,00 kr
Chanel brown oversized sunglasses - WILDEChanel brown oversized sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel brown oversized sunglasses Sale price2.799,00 kr
Christian Dior purple tint sunglasses - WILDEChristian Dior purple tint sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel pink tint sunglasses - WILDEChanel pink tint sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel pink tint sunglasses Sale price2.800,00 kr
Christian Dior brown tint sunglasses - WILDEChristian Dior brown tint sunglasses - WILDE
Sold outGucci silver rim sunglasses - WILDEGucci silver rim sunglasses - WILDE
Gucci silver rim sunglasses Sale price2.800,00 kr
Sold outChanel gray tonal sunglasses - WILDEChanel gray tonal sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel gray tonal sunglasses Sale price2.800,00 kr
Chanel goggle sunglasses - WILDEChanel goggle sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel goggle sunglasses Sale price2.849,00 kr
Sold outChanel sunglasses - WILDEChanel sunglasses - WILDE
Chanel sunglasses Sale price2.899,00 kr
Antique Victorian brown leather gloves - WILDEAntique Victorian brown leather gloves - WILDE
Chanel pearl cuff links - WILDEChanel pearl cuff links - WILDE
Chanel pearl cuff links Sale price3.499,00 kr